Something about our company

Our company has been operating on the market since 2008.
We deal with the processing of dense material from blanks, profiles, turned parts and welded assemblies.

We also have our own paint shops.

A powder paint shop with three ovens, two of which are gas and one electric, and a wet paint shop whose length is 12 meters.

We own the most modern turning and milling equipment that belongs to the market unit such as Tessen EVO, Hyundai, Samag, Hwacheon....

It goes without saying that our own laser with two tables measuring 3000x1500 mm can be used to cut structural steels up to 20 mm thick, stainless steels up to 12 mm thick and aluminum up to 8 mm thick.
Three bending devices Ermak AP2680, Amada 170 and LVD 170/30 pipe bender BLM Elect 52, wire bender BLM E-FLEX.

We also have our own welding shop in our premises and one out of the way.

Material storage areas with a total area of 200 m2 and a product warehouse with an area of 250 m2.

In 2015, we purchased the CITO digital system, with which we eliminated downtime in production, accelerated the entire production flow and streamlined all price offers, orders, production and stock.


Separation of materials from sheet metal to pipes, square or irregularly shaped, solid bars, strips. Since we have a large machine park, we have the possibility to divide the material into Lasers L3030 from the Trumpf company. On this device, mainly sheet materials are split, but we have the option to split square and irregular profiles with continuous machining up to a diameter of 140 mm and 415 mm for the required openings. Band saws are mainly used to cut strips and solid bars, but it is also possible to cut profiles. For special materials such as mainly stainless steel, reinforcements made of silicone are used to prevent contamination with black material.


Sheet metal edging on Ermak and Amada presses depends on the bending itself. To express the bends themselves, complete documentation is needed, preferably in DWG, DXF, STEP 3D models, PDF, or other formats that are output from the Solidworks program. It is also possible to bend pipes with a maximum diameter of 52 mm on the Elect 52 device from the BLM company, which is one of the most modern machines. The machine uses its own system for programming, and therefore it is necessary to send complete documentation, just like when bending sheet metal, so that the programmer can comment on the price offer.


For turning work, we use the GibbsCam programming program and several lathes such as Cutex 160, Cutex 240, Hwacheon, Haas 750, Poligym.
When inspecting our stands, all the parameters of the machines are listed, and we can make you a price offer for turned components almost immediately.
Of course, it all depends on the complexity and number of components.


We use the GibbsCam program as well as for turning and for programming milled parts. We include Vesta 1050, Tessen EVO, Feeler, Awea BM 1020, Awea BM 1200 in the category of CNC milling equipment. For milled complicated parts, we can provide you with a price offer within 2 working days, as long as the drawing documentation sent is clear and error-free. It is most suitable to send 3D documents in STEP format, as we also own the Solid Works program.


Welding by certified welders using MIG TIG technology, assessed by our welding technician.
MIG: Welding with a melting electrode in an inert gas.
TIG: Welding with tungsten electrode and inert gas.

Surface treatment

As a finalization of the components, we offer surface treatment with powder paint, which is fired in ovens with dimensions of 3.5 x 2.0 x 2.0 m, or the second option is painting with wet paint in our paint shop with dimensions of 12.0 x 6.0 x 4, 3 m.
Surface treatment is the final result of each component, therefore we pay attention to its 100% quality.
It is carried out by trained personnel and each paint shop is supervised by a master foreman.